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Operational since 2008 SRP is the only cyclotron in Singapore capable of producing the isotopes Carbon-11 and Fluorine-18. In addition, the isotopes Zirconium-89, Copper-64, Iodine-124 and Gallium-68 are also available. Providing the most comprehensive range of clinical radiopharmaceuticals in the region to PET centers throughout Singapore. Currently 12 tracers are available to investigate diseases especially different forms of Cancer.

Molecular Imaging

Molecular Imaging (MI) is a method of visualizing processes within cells. A PET-CT scanner is used along with special drugs called radiopharmaceuticals that emit a signal from within the cell, to create an image of the specific intracellular process of interest. The doctor can establish quickly disease occurrence, response to therapy, progression and reoccurrence using PET-CT scans.

SRP provides the most comprehensive set of tracers to physicians in hospitals throughout Singapore. SRP has established new tracers in Singapore used in preclinical research to investigate biomarkers of disease and response to therapy. Various peptides and antibodies have been labeled with long half isotopes to look at drug bio-distribution and in-vivo pharmacokinetics. SRP has directly supported clinical trials using advanced tracers to examine response to therapy of new drugs aimed and reducing tumor volume. Recent work includes conjugation (DFO, MECOSar, COSar), purification and radiolabeling of new engineered antibody fragments, minibodies and peptides with Cobalt-57 and Zirconium-89.

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