Singapore, 17th August 2017 — RadLink Asia announced that the company’s Molecular Imaging unit, RadLink PET and Cardiac Imaging Centre (“RadLink”), has today unveiled its updated flagship clinic in Paragon Medical Centre. The newly upgraded facility doubles the number of patient rooms and features Southeast Asia’s fully-digital Positron Emission Tomography (“PET”)/Computed Tomography (“CT”) scanner. The new scanner, which is available for use immediately, uses technology that detects smaller1, assisting clinicians in their efforts to diagnose and stage disease. Additionally, radio-isotope doses and scan times are significantly reduced2, hence improving the overall patient experience.

“We are proud to partner with Radlink-Asia in its vision to be a leading provider of diagnostic and molecular imaging in Singapore. The fully digital PET/CT system from GE has the potential to reshape the future of oncology diagnosis, staging and treatment planning with technology that can detect small lesions,” said Myra Eskes, President & CEO, GE Healthcare ASEAN.

The new system brings together the sensitivity of digital detection with innovative reconstruction technology available, combining Time-of-Flight and a PET image reconstruction technology to ensure consistent and accurate Standard Uptake Values (“SUV”) measurements.

This delivers up to a 2-fold improvement in PET quantitation accuracy (SUVmean), and double improvement in image quality3 . With more accurate SUVs, clinicians will be able to more accurately assess treatment response and guide treatment planning decisions as well as conduct research such as quantitative brain studies, boosted by an expanded field-of-view.

The technology has the potential to increase clinicians’ diagnostic service offerings by enabling clinical excellence in oncology and pushing the boundaries of PET user technology in neurology, cardiology and beyond. These expanded capabilities are made possible by increased low-yield tracer capability with protocols that could reduce radiation dosages; allowing clinicians to pursue ground-breaking research without impacting image quality.

Gwendolene Yeo, Managing Director for RadLink Asia commented, “As cancer incidence rates climb across Singapore and the region, and as treatment options become more personalized with precision medicine, it is only natural that Fullerton invests further in RadLink’s molecular imaging business in assisting clinicians to diagnose, stage and treat cancers earlier. Our investment in the new digital PET/CT scanner enacts our mission in raising healthcare standard. We want patients to receive quality care in a more accessible and affordable manner.”

The new fully digital PET/CT scanner has commenced operations at RadLink PET and Cardiac Imaging Centre, located at Paragon Medical Centre.

1 Improved detectability as demonstrated in phantom testing.

2 Compared to Discovery PET/CT 710

3 Improved detectability as demonstrated in phantom testing.

About RadLink Asia

RadLink Asia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fullerton Health, is one of Singapore’s largest private provider of outpatient diagnostic and molecular imaging services. RadLink’s diagnostic imaging services include X-ray, Ultrasound, Mammography, Fluoroscopy, Bone Mineral Densitometry, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computed Tomography scans. RadLink also provides molecular imaging and services such as Positron Emission Tomography and radionuclide therapy for oncology and bone diseases.

RadLink operates out of their flagship centers, RadLink Diagnostic Imaging Centre and RadLink PET and Cardiac Imaging Centre, in Paragon Medical, located in the heart of Singapore’s medical tourism hub along Orchard Road, as well as six other satellite medical centers offering general radiology services. In addition, RadLink’s radiopharmaceuticals facility in Science Park provides the most comprehensive set of tracers to physicians and hospitals throughout Singapore and has established new tracers used in preclinical research to investigate disease biomarkers.

For more information on RadLink Asia, please visit https://www.radlink.com.sg/

About Fullerton Health
Fullerton Health is a leading provider of corporate healthcare solutions across Asia Pacific. Founded in Singapore in 2011, today we own more than 225 medical centres across 6 countries and have a network of more than 8,000 medical providers around the world. We harness these resources to provide you healthcare that is affordable, yet accessible.

More than 25,000 corporations, from multinational companies to small medium enterprises and government organisations, have chosen to use our services. Our integrated healthcare model and our scale mean we can offer one-stop, cost-effective solutions to our corporate and insurer clients, and better care to our patients.

What’s more, we are strong believers in innovation, and in staying ahead of technological developments. This means we have our own advanced technology system that powers the Fullerton network, and enables this network to grow further. This gives us a continuing ability to improve business performance and efficiency, which in turn creates cost-savings for our customers.

With 50 years of experience listening and caring, and an experienced management team that brings the best from different industries, we are now better poised to transform healthcare in Asia, making it affordable and accessible to those we serve.

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