Will I be able to claim from Medisave?

  • Outpatient MRI scans, CT scans and other diagnostics for cancer patients:
    Up to $600 per year per patient
  • Outpatient scans for diagnosis or treatment of a medical condition
    Up to $300 per year per patient

(Note: Does not apply to plain X-rays or scans that are already claimable under other Medisave schemes such as scans for cancer treatment, chronic disease under the Chronic Disease Management Programme or antenatal scans.)

For more details, please refer to the MOH guidelines on the usage of Medisave:

Do I need to make an appointment before heading down for a scan?

To ensure the shortest waiting time possible, our scans are strictly by appointment basis only. The referring clinic will typically make the appointment on your behalf.

Note: No appointment booking is required for X-rays and BMD.

Can I request for my medical report to be sent to another doctor on my behalf?

Your medical confidentiality is important to us, and we are unable to send your report to another doctor on your behalf due to the PDPA regulations. We are only able to send your medical to your referring physician.

Can I take my medications (e.g. high blood pressure, high cholesterol) before heading down for the scan?

Yes, you may consume your regular medication for chronic conditions unless otherwise instructed:

For CT Scan

  1. Please take medicines before the CT scan, with the exception of diabetic medicines. Consult your physician before the test for instructions.
  2. If you have a contrast CT scan done, you may be told not to resume any drugs that contain Metformin until your kidney function is tested and is normal. You will receive instructions about this on the day of your scan.

For PET/CT FDG Scan – Patients with Diabetes

  1. You may take your non-diabetes medicines with water on the morning of your exam if you do not need to take them with food.
  2. Check your blood glucose level in the morning after your 12-hour fast. If your blood glucose is:
  • 80 to 150 mg/dL, go to your appointment as scheduled.
  • Below 70 mg/dL or you have symptoms of hypoglycaemia, treat your low blood glucose in your usual way. Do not let low blood glucose go untreated. Call to reschedule your scan.
  • (Above 150 mg/dL , we may need to reschedule your scan.

Will I need to be accompanied by a family member when I come down for the scan?

For your safety, if you will be undergoing sedation, you will be required to be accompanied by a family member and be driven home upon completion of the procedure.
Scans are painless, and shouldn’t require the accompaniment of a family member.

I have claustrophobia, will I still be able to undergo a MRI scan?

Please let your referring physician know, so that alternative scan options can be explored, including the administration of sedation so as to make the procedure more comfortable.

Will I need to fast for my scan?

Pre-scan preparations and fasting will vary according to the scan to be done, and the region that is to be scanned. Please check with us during appointment booking.

What can I expect during my appointment?

  • Required to change into a gown
  • No fasting required