Usage of your personal data

RadLink Asia Pte Ltd and its related corporations including those described above (“RadLink Asia”) may collect, use, and disclose my (or my ward’s) personal data as defined by the PDPA, provided by me or any other party authorised by me via any means of data capture, for one or more of the purposes as stated in the RadLink Asia Privacy Policy, including but not limited to the following (collectively the “Purposes”):

  1. To process my (or my ward’s) registration / application for services provided by RadLink Asia;
  2. To administer and manage my (or my ward’s) account(s) and records with RadLink Asia;
  3. To process and deal with any claims, including but not limited to the settlement of claims and any necessary associated investigations involving Medisave, insurance, and other forms of third-party payment, which may involve the release of my (or my ward’s) personal data to such third-party payers for the evaluation of benefits;
  4. To carry out due diligence or other screening activities (including background checks) in accordance with legal / regulatory requirement or risk management procedures;
  5. To carry out my (or my ward’s) instructions to the extent of what is permissible by law and professional practice, or respond to my (or my ward’s) enquiries;
  6. To record my (or my ward’s) preferences and utilisation patterns for business research, trending, and other forms of data analysis (e.g. via surveys, website cookies, etc.);
  7. For staff training and education, service improvement, and internal quality assurance;
  8. To send me (or my ward) information related to services rendered to me (or my ward) by RadLink Asia, its affiliates, business partners, and related companies (including but not limited to appointment confirmations / reminders, medical results / prescriptions, and billing / claims information); and
  9. In the event of health screening / checks sponsored by third parties (i.e. employers or insurers), to analyse and release any of my (or my ward’s) personal data collected through such interventions to the sponsoring parties for regulatory compliance, health monitoring, evaluation of fitness for employment, or determination of insurance coverage / benefits entitlement (as the case may be).