SIGNA Explorer MRI

The “First” SIGNA Explorer MRI in South East Asia

First of its kind in ASEAN, the GE SIGNA Explorer MRI provides for maximum patient comfort through SilentScan; a noise reduction feature that scans at less than 3 decibels above ambient and enhanced motion-free imaging. Low quality images and long, uncomfortable scans will be a thing of the past with the SIGNA Explorer’s improved technology and clinical imaging capabilities.


Key Differentiators

  • Scan faster and increased
    reconstruction capabilities
  • Scan without noise; completely
    silent brain exam
  • Non-invasive and minimally
    invasive scan techniques
  • Remove the need for contrast in
    many exams
  • Reduced distortion due to
    patient motions
  • Allow free breathing
  • More consistent imaging quality
    & performance
  • SILENT SCAN; reduces noise to less than 3 decibels above ambient
  • FOCUS; increasing resolution
    with single shot
  • MAVRIC SL: acquisition and
    reconstruction technique
  • Automated brain exam to simplify and improve throughput in neuro exams